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The Belly Buster Breakfast Show

Monday to Friday 7-9am UK

Join TimOnTheRadio, Mon-Fri for the best in music, chat and up to the moment news.

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Happy Monday

Mondays 9-10am UK

Happy Monday with Anna and friends: a show to brighten the Monday blues by bringing you a round up of good news, cheery stories and a dollop of happy hits to get you smiling in the week ahead!

Misplaced Youth

Mondays 11am-1pm UK

Misplaced Youth is a show dreamed up by Andy Hunter after he got involved in student radio at university. Dedicated to playing the tunes that would have been on the radio, (or on his car stereo), in his teens to mid-twenties. Covering all the best music, and sometimes the worst, from the early 1970s through to the end of 1989; you name it, he’ll probably play it.

A little Help

With a Little Help From My Songs

Monday 5-6pm UK

Do you have a song that has helped you through a tough time? Is there a song that is guaranteed to lift your spirits? This show tells the stories of what these songs mean to you....in your own words.


Monday 7-8pm UK

From the music to the background, ‘Stylus’ is a look at a wide variety of albums, from well known hits to unknown gems. It’s also a way to potentially discover a new style of music or artist through a style that listeners may not have thought of in the past.



Tuesday 4-5pm UK

An uplifting array of music to fit the topic of mental health. Expect everything from world to pop, disco to soul, funk to rock, quirky to beautiful. Each week we seek to explore different aspects of mental health.

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The Indie Club

Tuesday 7-8pm UK

‘The Indie Club’ is an hour dedicated to the biggest names in indie as well as the best upcoming artists, playing everything from classic anthems to recent releases. As well as bringing you bangers from the likes of The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club, we’ll be talking you through any recent album launches and tour announcements you may have missed from all of your favourite bands and solo performers.

Captain Balderdash

Captain Balderdash's Power Shower Hour

Tues 8-9pm UK

Coming at you live from his secret subterranean headquarters, that brave space-faring crusader of justice Captain Hogarth Balderdash returns to your radio with a brand-new series of The Captain Balderdash Power Shower Hour. Celebrating the very best music the planet Earth has to offer, Captain Balderdash contemplates his role as both a galactic saviour and a recently divorced father of three to a practical smorgasbord of groovy jams! Prepare your bodies, minds and souls ‘cause as of January 2021, radio is about to get a whole lot more delicious.
Join us in 2021 to follow the Captain's adventures.

London Underground Music Review

Tuesday 9-10pm UK

"For the love of underground music, the LUMR Podcast features amazing musicians from all over the world, sharing a little bit of who they are through a series of games and questions, as well as discussing their latest projects. 

The LUMR Roundtable is a monthly variation where we bring together music appreciators, giving them a safe place to share their thoughts and where all opinions are equal; we pick ONE album out of a hat, focus on it for the month, and then come together to discuss it as a group."


Music For The Seoul

Wednesday 1-2pm UK

The Kpop cure for your midweek woes! Mixing songs, Korean culture and language learning together, this show is designed to, not only bring you the energy you need to get through the rest of the week, but also bring you a taste of culture in the comfort of your lunch break.

The Punk and The Princess

Wednesdays 6-8pm UK

The weekly show features a whirlwind mix of genre-spanning and decade-hopping music from established and emerging artists with features like Track-off contests, tracks of the week, Stupid Irrelevant Quiz Questions and playful bickering.

50 Shades

50 Shades Of Blues

Wednesday 8-9.30pm UK

Presented by Stuart Scott
From the itinerant train travellers and soul-sellers to the 12-bar string benders and sliders, the men and women who played and sang their lives and times, then and now.

Paravice City

Wednesday 10-11pm UK

Chad Vice and Kevin Matthews explore some wicked awesome 80s hard rock and metal tunes by big, small and obscure artists from their favourite decade, and spin tunes that aren't the same overplayed radio hits. They look for forgotten gems or songs that mean('t) a lot to them and also discuss the music and stories behind them!

It's Not All Bad

It's Not All Bad

Thursday 4-5pm UK

Need a break from all the hustle and bustle of busy life? Lockdown getting you down? Come and listen to “It’s Not All Bad”, a show about all things good.

Work with Me

Fridays 1-2pm UK

Join Bob Stei and Larendee Roos as they talk to interesting people throughout the world employees and employers with good stories and intersting lives

Friday Request Show.png

Friday Night Request Show

Friday 7-9PM UK

Join Steve every Friday evening as he plays all of your requests.

Dave Falshaw Classic Rock

The Dave Falshaw Classic Rock Show

Friday 9-10pm UK

Dave Falshaw has had a passion for classic rock from an early age.
Growing up listening to such bands as AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest to Genesis, Yes and Led Zeppelin so now his love for rock can now be heard on the classic rock show. playing all your favourite music and acts from those halcyon days.

Weekend Breakfast.png

Weekend Breakfast with the Scotts

Saturday & Sunday 8-10am UK

Want to start your weekends the right way?
Join us in Jan for this show.......
Weekend Breakfast with the Scotts.
Join the Scotts every weekend as they share songs, coffee and world events (?) from their kitchen.
Sat and Sun mornings

Sock It To 'Em

Saturday 7-8pm UK

Sock it to ‘em is a weekly discussion of all things professional wrestling with the North East’s self titled “top second choice ring announcer”, Sean ‘White Socks’ Barrett. Join him as he rounds up all the week's big shows and news stories as only he can while sprinkling in the expertise of the world’s least experienced 3 year veteran of the business.

Ultimate Cheese

Saturday 8-9pm UK

We bring you an hour of the cheesiest pop you can think of.


Oh What A Year!

Sunday 7-8pm UK

Oh What A Year is bringing you the hits of a different year every single week , from the 80s to the 2010’s tune in and find yourself saying ‘ Oh I love this song’ over and over.


Going Underground

Sunday 8-9pm UK

Going Underground champions the grassroots music scene, playing only the very best underground and emerging artists. Giving exposure to the musicians who deserve it, and helping you find your new favourite artists.

Feud For Thought

Saturdays 10-11pm

Ben and Martyn got made redundant. They decided to put their heads together and be creative. The trouble is that they spend a lot of time disagreeing! So this became their ‘thing’. Disagreeing can be the most entertaining thing sometimes because it brings out different points of view. They want to know what you think about the random topics that they review. 

Nothing is off limits, nothing is particularly structured. But it is entertaining. And it is not always their own points of view they argue with, but you are free to enter the discussions as well. Just comment and suggest topics via @feudthoughts on Twitter. 
Click button below to go to their Twitter feed.

This Is Ska

Sundays 9-11pm UK

Join Middagh Goodwin every Sunday in his syndicated show from KCBP in Modesto for 2 hours of ska music.


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