Our Directors

Steve Poolton

Owner and CEO

I am a former mature student in my 40s. I studied psychology at Northumbria university following a history of mental health issues. Whilst at university I discovered the student radio station, and along with fellow director Andy went on to host a popular and award-winning radio show about cycling. This gave me an insight into how the radio station was run and where I felt it could be improved, leading to me interviewing for and becoming station manager after a few short months. During my year in charge we gave the entire music library an overhaul, introduced live sport coverage (including a rugby commentary from St James’ Park) and also hosted the station’s first ever 24 hour broadcast. After leaving university and being totally unsure as to what I wanted to do for employment, it was suggested to me that I try something in radio, perhaps even my own online show. After giving this some thought, I wanted to see if I could combine my passion for radio with my desire to help other people, and to fight the stigma of mental health problems. This is how Seven Bridges was born.


Sally Watson

Director and Head of Music

I'm Sally and I am a big fan of radio ! We always had the radio on at home growing up and I first became involved in production as Head of Music at Northumbria uni station, creating playlists and presenting shows. This is also where I met Steve and Andy and started introducing them to music released this century ! I'm currently studying French and Translation at the University of Leicester, which is a leap I made after experiencing mental health issues while on a study abroad year. The lack of community caused a bout of intense loneliness, and if a project like Seven Bridges Radio had been available at the time I was feeling alone it would have been a great help and support, especially as radio is something I love.


Andy Hunter

Director and Secretary

I am 53 years old, and a mature student at Northumbria University in the process of doing a Masters in Health Psychology, having just attained a degree in Psychology. I have worked in banking, sales and education; my most recent role before taking up studies was a teacher and assessor in Management, Customer Service and Business Administration. I first got involved in radio through the Northumbria Students Union. I was dealing with mental health issues after my then-wife’s diagnosis of terminal cancer; I found that radio gave me a creative outlet and something totally different to focus on, outside anything I had done before. It has re-awoken my love for music of all forms but also given me an appreciation of the spoken word as a media; I am now an avid consumer of podcasts and would like to develop this further with our own output. A large part of my own recovery and rebuilding my self-confidence has been through being able to do things that I enjoy; a radio station dedicated to giving others that opportunity is something I am delighted to have the chance to support and develop.


Stuart Scott


I began playing and writing music in my early teens, back in the dim and distant past and have an abiding passion for exploring music. Passing through various grown-up jobs, including Civil Service, hospitality, craftsman and theatrical agent, I arrived at Seven Bridges Radio at it's inception, currently broadcasting live at weekends and a specialist show on a weeknight. Research and information are central to these, and "getting people through" difficult times fires the whole station output and I am honoured and proud, meeting people outside, that they have even heard of us, let alone listen and appreciate what we aim to do for others. Further radio projects are planned which I hope will help me, others and the station to cope, grow and enjoy what we have to offer.