Weekly Schedule

Week Beginning March 1st 2021


9-10am Happy Monday
10-11am The Golden Years
11am-1pm Misplaced Youth
2-3pm Britpop
3-4pm 60s Music
5-6pm With a Little Help From My Songs
7-8pm Stylus
8-10pm RetroRock Rewind Pt1
10-midnight The Grunge Garage Pt1


10-11am The Golden Years
4-5pm Expand
7-8pm The Indie Club
8-9pm Captain Balderdash's Power Shower Hour
9-10pm LUMR Podcast
10-midnight RetroRock Pt2


10-11am The Golden Years
1-2pm Music For The Seoul
2-3pm Britpop
6-8pm The Punk and the Princess
8-9.30pm 50 Shades of Blues
10-11pm Paravice City


10-11am The Golden Years
4-5pm Its Not All Bad
7-9pm Misplaced Youth
9-11pm Rockabilly Mania
11-midnight Chambers Productions


10-11am The Golden Years
1-2pm Work with Me Podcast
2-3pm Britpop
4-5pm Folk Hour
5-7pm Ready, Steady, Weekend
7-9pm Friday Night Request Show
9-10pm The Classic Rock Show
10-Midnight The Grunge Garage Pt2


8-10am Weekend Breakfast with the Scotts
1-2pm Saturday Score
2-4pm Across The Pond Sports
7-8pm Sock It To 'Em with Sean Barrett
8-9pm Ultimate Cheese
10-11pm Feud For Thought


8-10am Weekend Breakfast with the Scotts
11am-1pm 80s Pop
2-3pm- 60s Music
6-7pm Folk Music
7-8pm Oh What A Year!
8-9pm Going Underground
9-11pm This is Ska
11-Midnight- Punk Playlist

*More shows to be confirmed*
Gaps in schedule will be filled with no talk music hours.


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